People Are Obsessed With The Throuple That Appeared On ‘House Hunters’


A lot of great things come in threes: The Three Musketeers, Hanson, and, of course, this throuple on a recent episode of “House Hunters.”

On Wednesday, the HGTV show made history with their episode “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs,” which followed polyamorous lovers Brian, Lori, and Geli as they looked to find a house in Colorado.

“A throuple is three people in a relationship,” Lori said at the start of the episode.

The trio was in need of a space that would fit Brian and Lori’s two children, as well as a three-car garage and a master bathroom (with room for three sinks!) to accommodate three people.

Their backstory was that Brian and Lori were legally married when they fell in love ― together ― with Geli after meeting her at a bar. They’ve since exchanged vows with Geli in a commitment ceremony in Aruba.



While ultimately the family found a house that fit their needs, their story has resonated with viewers all over the web. Some hailed HGTV as being “progressive” for featuring the family, while others said that the episode made their “whole night.”

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