The Papers: 'A new Iron Curtain' and '100m for the Royals?'

The Papers: 'A new Iron Curtain' and '100m for the Royals?'
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Metro front page
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Several front pages feature stories about Nato's proposed response to the growing threat of Russia. "Europe's New Iron Curtain" is the Metro's headline, referencing a growing return to Cold War-era tensions after the US committed to 100,000 troops being stationed in eastern Europe. The paper reports the new deployments will also include two new US fighter jet squadrons being stationed in the UK and air defence systems being built in Germany and Italy.
Times front page
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The Times also reports on Nato "troop surge" to former Soviet Union nations that border Russia. The paper says that member nations have agreed a "new strategic concept" as a blueprint to set out the defensive alliance's goals for the next decade, which it describes as the "most notable development" of the summit in the Spanish capital Madrid.
The i front page
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The i's front page says that no new money will be spent on UK defence before 2025 despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, according to a Treasury source. The paper reports Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces "open revolt" from Cabinet ministers, as the freeze represents a "real terms cut in military funding of about £1.7bn after inflation".
Daily Mirror front page
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The Daily Mirror reports that the Royal Family "cost taxpayers" £102.4m last year, a £15m rise in the Sovereign Grant given to the Palace by the government. The paper also notes the Royal Family's funding topping £100m for the first time comes alongside the nation struggling with the rising cost of living, with one expert describing the situation as "not right".
Daily Express
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In a separate story about the royals, the Daily Express says that the Prince of Wales will "never again" take large cash donations for his charities. A senior royal source tells the paper that "times have changed", after it emerged Prince Charles had accepted £2.58m from the former prime minister of Qatar.
Daily Mail front page
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The Daily Mail also leads on Buckingham Palace, reporting that the findings of a investigation into whether the Duchess of Sussex bullied members of staff have been "effectively buried". The paper says royal aides have admitted that their findings about claims Meghan Markle "drove out" two "traumatised" assistants will never be made public.
Financial Times front page
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The governor of the Bank of England has warned that high inflation will continue for longer in the UK than other countries, is the Financial Times' lead story. The paper reports Andrew Bailey has revealed a further 0.5% rise in interest rates might be needed in August.
Guardian front page
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The privatisation of parts of the NHS "accelerated by Tory reforms" have "significantly increased" rates of deaths from treatable causes, according to the Guardian's lead story. A review by Oxford University academics found the growth of contracts being given to private companies has been "associated with a drop in care quality", the paper says.
Daily Telegraph
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No 10 is concerned the prime minister faces a "kangaroo court" over the investigation into whether he misled Parliament about parties in Downing Street, the Daily Telegraph says. The paper reports that Boris Johnson's allies have accused the House of Commons Privileges Committee of relying on "hearsay evidence" by allowing people to give evidence anonymously, setting up the prospect the PM will refuse to resign if found to have misled MPs.
Daily Star front page
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The Daily Star says that Nasa scientists have been left "baffled" by craters that have appeared on the Moon. Under the headline "You can't park that there, mate!", the paper's "extraterrestrial affairs correspondent" Michael Moran reports that the mysterious impact craters were left after a rocket crashed landed.
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