Sympathy card aims to break miscarriage taboo

Sympathy card aims to break miscarriage taboo
Image of the card saying "sorry for the loss of your baby"Miscarriage Association/Card Factory

A card to acknowledge the sadness of miscarriage has been launched by a charity and high street retailer.

The Miscarriage Association says it teamed up with the Card Factory to help break the taboo of pregnancy loss.

The card displays the message: "There is no good card for this. I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby", in the handwriting of someone who has been through miscarriage herself.

A 10% donation from each £3.29 card sold will go to aid the charity's work.

Miscarriage is common - occurring in around one in four pregnancies.

Yet it still often goes unacknowledged, says the charity.

Miscarriage Association national director Ruth Bender Atik said: "People worry about saying the wrong thing so often so say nothing at all, which can leave those experiencing the loss feeling very alone.

"This card provides simple words that can make a real difference. And having a miscarriage card sit alongside those for other types of bereavement is a really important step in raising awareness of the impact of pregnancy loss."

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Angie O'ReillyMiscarriage Association
Angie O'Reilly says she would have appreciated a card after her pregnancy losses

Angie O'Reilly, who has had two miscarriages, said: "I think the miscarriage sympathy cards are a wonderful idea, and I know I would have appreciated this when I had my losses.

"It's fantastic that it's being introduced into a high street retailer too. Sending a card is such an easy thing to do, but it is a gesture that is so valued by the recipient, especially when it's hard for people to find the right words."

On the back of the card are printed details of how to access the Miscarriage Association's free information and support services by phone or online.

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